Do It Now! Stop Procrastinating and Getting Things Done…

I recently listened to an audio book titled:
DOING IT NOW: How To Cure Procrastination And Achieve Your Goals In Twelve Easy Steps

I thought it was a good read although some of the skits within it were kind of cheezy (but funny).

It talks about several ways to cure laziness and procrastination, as well as ways to set goals, priorities and improve time management.

Some of the things that I put into practice from this book were:

  •  If you don’t feel like doing something that needs to get done at the end of the day when you’re tired, try doing it for at least 5 minutes. (A lot of times you will find energy reserves or renewed motivation once you start.)
  •  Clear CLUTTER from your life.
    Get rid of messy desks or unnecessary clutter around your house. This creates an “Action Environment” where things are organized efficiently and everything has its own place.
  • Write down your goals, review them frequently and share them with significant others so you have some accountability.
  • Create a 2 Do list or (Priority List) where you divide your tasks into several different “buckets”.
    e.g. My different buckets are: Family/Friends, Work, Self, House and Dreams.
  • Try to handle documents or mail only once. (Do it, Delegate it or Ditch it)